About Us

Cuttlepharma is a well-reputed pharmaceutical store to supply Weight Loss pills, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Anabolic Steroids, Venoms, 4-AcO-DMT, Ketamine, Tramadol pills, Nembutal Pentobarbital, Pain Relief pills, Sex pills, HGH, RC’s, and Methamphetamine over the world. We supply the largest range of venoms and operate as world widely established venom bank. In our venoms variety, you can find a scorpion, snake, spider, and several other species venom from all around the world. Generally, these venoms are taken into use in pharmaceutical or research sectors. We are the top venom provider in the world of snake venoms. We serve our international customers as well for venom useful in medical or scientific areas. From the sixties we are are the very big snake venom dealer. We are having out extraction, breeding and quarantine base is located in the country of Black mamb middle which is 550 kilomters away in the north side of Johannesburg.

Cuttlepharam aims tp provide a great delivery and taking care of our customers health condition. We work to help people get hands-on the discounted products and medications to avoid investing in expensive offers. We work intending to serve the customers who face difficulties in placing orders or avail medications from local pharmaceutical stores. It is the main reason which made us draw proper attention to the quality concerns for all the medications.

We have our dealings with the professionals and most trusted manufactures and all are the drugs we have is given by the licensed pharmacists. Our team is a small one and we are basically from USA a team of researchers. We have a great supplier team from Ukraine who are really helping us to provide a great customer support for individuals and our business around the world. For the customer queries, people can contact using either using email or contact form. We have our support team available to reply to customers within a tenure of 24 hours.


Our terms for venom

We ensure the enclosures for our snakes are designed according to the climatic conditions. Our team maintains a proper feeding schedule for the snakes with balanced food such as quail, rats, and mice frogs. And we are not selling this venom by undertaking any of our Snakes to stress or any depression condition. With our clean and proper maintenance schedule for the snakes, the venom remains less toxic with high yields.


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